Protect your 20/20 Hindsight system. Lens and cart covers are available to ensure your system can withstand the toughest conditions.

The camera body itself along with the RJ45 and Hirose connectors on the rear of the camera are all waterproof.

The only parts that are not waterproof are the mFT lenses by Panasonic/Olympus.

So, we developed our custom machined DELRIN and Lexan lens cover to make the lenses compatible with Steam Sterilization, Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide (VHP) sterilization and detergent wash-downs.

Our Hindsight camera heads with Lens Covers are used in aseptic environments in Pharma, food, beverage and other areas requiring sterilization and/or freedom from glass breakage (the NEMA4 lens cover encloses the glass optics of the mFT lens).


Small and large lens covers are available.




Covers are available for Multicart systems.