High Speed Cameras For Consumer Products

Improved operating efficiency drives reduced cost of goods and inventory carrying cost. Often, intermittent short line stoppages eat up throughput during a shift.

20/20 Hindsight is a perfect set of eyes for understanding the root cause and devising a solution.

The monitoring tool of choice for global manufacturers: enhancing quality, efficiency, and safety. 20/20 Hindsight high-speed cameras provide industrial monitoring and troubleshooting in the palm of your hand with our smartphone app. 

More Than Just High-Speed Video

What sets 20/20 Hindsight cameras apart? Our customers appreciate the vast recording buffer, user-friendly software, and the ability to deploy the system in almost any environment with minimal setup or configuration needed.

Complete Troubleshooting Systems

Learn what makes our industrial-strength solutions ready for any environment. From portable to enterprise, 20/20 Hindsight industrial troubleshooting camera systems can meet your need and budget.

Camera Technology

Learn what makes our custom-designed cameras built for any condition. From wet to dry, from sterile to the most brutal production environments, our technology is built to handle it all.

Software Technology

From Windows desktops, laptops, and all mobile platforms including Android and iOS, we have software and apps to cover every need and make it all work together on your existing hardware.