2020CAM Entry Level


The 2020CAM MicroCAM is the latest embodiment of Hindsight technology and the newest member of the 2020CAM family. MicroCAM is a compact out-of-the-box solution for high speed video troubleshooting. 

What is it?
  • Self-contained Video Recording Camera
  • Internal SSD Storage
  • JPEG2000 State-Of-The-Art Compression
  • Networked (Wired) and Wireless
  • Entry-Level 2020CAM Product
  • Single Camera Solution – each MicroCAM is stand alone
  • Simple, Small and Powerful
  • Multiple Frame Rate and Video Buffer Configurations


In addition to our Windows software, the MicroCAM is fully compatible with Apple iPhones and iPads using the all-new MicroCAM Viewer application.

  • Optimized for iPad and iPhone
  • Convert and save Hindsight clips direct to camera roll for easy sharing
  • Optimized touch interface
  • Full-featured Hindsight client for iOS

See full details here.

The MicroCAM Viewer app for iOS devices offers all the full features you need including frame-by-frame stepping, clip saving and downloading, folders organization, and video clip sharing right to your device’s photo library.

Never before has the power of Hindsight been available in such a small, convenient package.

What’s in the box?

A MicroCAM package contains everything you need to start troubleshooting right out of the box

The base MicroCAM package includes:
  • MicroCAM High Speed Recording Camera Head with C-Mount Manual Lens Mounting
  • Single 2020CAM Software License and Windows Client (Windows 7 and above)
  • Power Cable (3 Meter)
  • Network Cable (3 Meter)
  • Articulated arm, mounting clamp and MicroCAM mounting foot
  • PoE Injector
What else do I need to purchase?
  • Lens
    • Example: Manual 11.5-69mm Lens
    • For more information, please review our lens options.
  • LED High Efficiency Light
    • Includes articulated arm, mounting clamp
    • To learn more, head to lighting.
Anything else?
  • Use your own laptop or iOS device, or purchase one
  • Windows OS must be Windows 7 or later
  • Supports iPhone and iPad
Recommended minimum options:
  • Uptime Protection
  • Carrying Case


  • Rugged, Industrial Design – Hindsight MicroCAM is engineered from the ground up to withstand even the harshest factory environments. From moisture to extreme temperatures, MicroCAM’s sealed exterior can reliably function regardless of where you put it. With options available including aseptic camera heads, MicroCAM can meet your particular industry’s needs.
  • Industry-leading, Continuous Recording Memory – With hours of recording time, Hindsight 2020CAM high speed camera systems have the unique ability to continue capturing events even while you review previously recorded video. Hindsight 20/20 features full-duplex, continuous memory buffers measured in hours (versus seconds), our high speed camera system records over multiple shifts, lunch breaks, and meetings.
  • High Frame Rates – MicroCAM has the capability to record anywhere from 125 to 500 images per second (depending on options), capturing high quality video for any line speeds.
  • Quick setup and Simple, Intuitive Interface – Our industrial video camera systems allow operators of all skill levels to capture high-quality video for use in quick decision-making and corrective action implementation.
  • Portability – Hindsight MicroCAM’s portability and operator-friendly features make high speed video accessible plant-wide.
  • High Sensitivity to Light – Our lighting options & light-sensitive cameras allow users to capture high quality video with one-tenth the light of other systems, are cool to the touch and nearly impossible to break.
  • Networking Capability – MicroCAM is a LAN or Wi-Fi  solution. Routing and WAN access are not supported.



3.540″(L) x 3.875″(W) x 3.625″(H)

Recording Time
MicroCAM Recording Time in Minutes
640×480 Resolution* Buffer Size in GB
Frames Per Second 60
125 8 hours
250 4 hours
500 2 hours

*Times are approximate

  • 11.5-69mm manual
  • 90mm macro
  • 11-130mm macro
  • 75mm fixed magnification
  • 4.4-11mm wide angle
  • Panasonic 14-42mm MFT lens
  • Camera: IP65 or IP67 (NEMA4), with optional waterproof or stainless steel lens cover / ex-proof enclosure
  • Temperature operating: 20 to 122 ºF (-7 to 50 ºC)
  • Storage: -40 to 150 ºF (-40 to 65 ºC)
  • Humidity: 20% to 80% relative humidity (non-condensing)
  • Vibration/Shock: 7 Grms (10Hz to 2000Hz) / 70G, 11ms, half-sine
  • Max allowable ambient temp is decreased 3 ºF (1.6 ºC) for each 1,000 feet (300 m) over 2,460 feet (750 m) above mean sea level


Micro Four Thirds POWER O.I.S. Lens and MFT Control Systems
Integrated Wi-Fi Access Point
  • Connect wirelessly to the MicroCAM from either an Apple device (ie: iPhone, iPad, or MacBook) or a Windows device (ie: laptop).
  • Wireless connection is a direct point-to-point connection eliminating the need for an external wireless router.
  • Connect up to 3 wireless device(s) simultaneously to one (1) MicroCAM
  • Integrated base station for one MicroCAM head and one LED light.
  • Complete system functionality in a simple, lightweight package.
  • Features a dual USB charging port to power tablets and iPads.
  • Designed as a quick set-up solution to get you connected and capturing within minutes.
  • Supports use of wired laptop.
  • Use “MicroCAM Viewer” iOS app (available in the App Store) to access the MicroCAM via its wireless connection.
  • MicroCAM app allows users to review just-recorded video, control the lens iris, zoom, focus, and create and share clips via a jump drive, cloud, text or email.
  • Includes jump drive for offloading clips to PCs
  • Optional waterproof lens cover for wet, damp or dirty environments
Event Trigger Interface
  • Process Interface Unit (PIU) allows remote trigger capture of line events
  • Connect to Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and automatically save portions of video from the continuous recording buffer based on line faults and conditions