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Video Technology

2020CAM features a powerful video recording buffer which can provide up to 188 hours of continuous, uninterrupted recording of high speed video for playback and analysis. When compared to other event-driven high speed video products, Hindsight 2020CAM stands head and shoulders above the pack with the capability to record of incredible lengths of time without the need to be reset or offload video to continue recording. Record time is based on several factors such as frame rate, camera configuration, and the buffer size of your particular system. 

Video Buffer

The technology comprising a 2020CAM system is at the cutting edge of high speed video recording and compression. The video buffer, which is the video storage component inside the Engine, is what sets the 2020CAM apart in the world of troubleshooting and monitoring. Unlike high speed video capture systems which must be setup to record a planned event, such as crash testing, the 2020CAM can be setup and record for hours upon hours providing valuable insight and footage of production line issues. 

While the 2020CAM is recording, the entire length of video is reviewable using the 2020CAM Viewer software. Scroll back through the entire recorded video buffer using intuitive playback controls designed for frame-by-frame analysis. 

Circular Recording

With the innovative circular recording buffer, the 2020CAM never becomes filled with video resulting in the need for resetting or offloading. For example, if the 2020CAM system can record 20 hours of video, this means that once 20 hours is recorded, the system simply continues recording by discarding the oldest portion of recorded video and continuing to record new video into the video buffer.

2020CAM Recording Buffer

-Records easily reviewable video for hours, even days meaning a continuous stream of troubleshooting information 

-Built as a troubleshooting solution for fixing and streamlining production lines

-Hours to days of high speed video provides insight and analysis of what happened 5 seconds before, 5 minutes before or 5 hours before fault occurred

-Literally a “set and forget” configuration means you can keep working while Hindsight captures for hours on end without ever needing to be reset

-Watch and review the entire recorded buffer with AccuScan control providing frame-by-frame stepping instantly while Hindsight continues recording.

-Never miss a second of activity with continuous recording.

-Hindsight accepts event trigger input from line PLC and captures/timestamps events while continuing to record

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