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Industry Solutions

As the throughput of production machinery has increased steadily over the years, the need for a solution to monitor, test and fine-tune this equipment has presented itself. While the increased speed improves the number of units produced as well as the consistency and quality of the end product, it has also created challenges for line operators and continuous improvement technicians in ensuring the operation runs smoothly. In the model of Six Sigma, the Hindsight product line fulfills this need by providing tools which make this type of troubleshooting and monitoring possible.

Typical applications:

  • Equipment design/testing
  • Product testing Setup and changeovers
  • Production line speed up and improvement
  • Maintenance/troubleshooting

There are hundreds if not thousands of different applications for high-speed cameras in today’s fast-paced production environment. Beginning from the design and testing phase of manufacturing equipment to the packaging and boxing of the finished consumer product and the endless steps in between.

Consumer Products Automotive
Food Printing
Beverage Pulp and Paper
Pharmaceutical Machine tools
Building Materials Nonwovens