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MicroCAM Viewer App for iPhone/iPad

The MicroCAM Viewer mobile app is currently only compatible with the MicroCAM. The app provides the functionality found in the 2020CAM Windows application and extends Hindsight functionality into the world of iOS for the ultimate in portability and function.

Intuitive Playback Control

The 2020CAM Viewer AccuStep control allows fixed and variable speed playback as well as frame-by-frame analysis. Easily create short video clips of the critical footage for archive and further analysis. 

Drag the Cursor for Coarse Playback in the Video Buffer
Variable Speed Playback with Thumb Dragging
Frame-by-Frame Playback With Arrow Tapping

Create Video Clips


Add Clip Comments

Just like the 2020CAM Windows application, the MicroCAM Viewer app provides controls for making clips and editing clips after they're made. Simply move the cursor to your desired spot in the buffer and press Make Clip. You can also make a custom length clip by moving the cursor and choosing a clip Begin time and End time

  Add comments to clips for easy identification and storage

Remote Lens Control


Exporting and Sharing Clips

If your MicroCAM has a remote control lens, use the Viewer app to adjust zoom, focus, and iris to capture the best picture possible. All these controls are part of the interface making it easy to setup and dial in your 2020CAM for instant results. 

  The MicroCAM Viewer app allows you to download clips from the camera and store them offline on your iPhone or iPad. Once downloaded to the device, the clips can then be saved directly to the device Photo Library for easy uploading and sharing in the MP4 video format.

Download Clips from Camera to App

Save Clips from App to Device Photo Library for Easy Sharing


Marker Timestamps



See a list of clips which exist in the current video buffer under the marker timestamp list. Touch a timestamp and jump to that point in the video buffer

  Organize your high speed clips into folders and sub-folders easily within the 2020CAM Viewer app. 

Detailed Product Information/Specifications 
MicroCAM Product Page

Remote Lens Control