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Exporting and Sharing Clips

The 2020CAM Viewer software facilitates the exporting of your high speed video clips into what is called a "Pack-N-Go" package. A Pack-N-Go simply offers the ability to export one or more event clips to a USB device as an executable (.exe) package. Using the 2020CAM Viewer software, create video clips by selecting portions of the video buffer for saving by clicking the "Make a Clip" icon located on the Slider control. This allows you to permanently save out a portion of the video buffer analysis and sharing. Initially, clips are saved on the Engine and must be downloaded to your Local Computer within the 2020CAM Viewer software. 

Once the clips have been downloaded to the 2020CAM system laptop, they can be exported to a USB memory stick as a Pack-N-Go. This self-contained file includes the video clips in their native format which retains frame-by-frame playback functionality. The graphic below explains how you can use a Pack-N-Go file to share clips directly with another individual by simply sending them the file, or by importing the file into your own copy of the 2020CAM Clip Viewer software which offers more features such as the CLOUDVIEW service and MP4* exporting.

*MP4 exporting from Clip Viewer requires Windows 7 or higher

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