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Improving OEE

One of the major goals of OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) programs is to reduce and/or eliminate what are called the Six Big Losses – the most common causes of efficiency loss in manufacturing.

20/20 Hindsight is a continuous monitoring solution that addresses all Six Big Losses.  20/20 CAMs are an excellent countermeasure tool to be used in addressing the Six Big Losses and have proven to be especially beneficial in root cause analysis, improving line efficiency, elimination of “short-stops,” and line speed increases.

Plants have reported the technology paid for itself within the first few weeks of use on the plant floor. The vast majority of customers will no longer operate without 20/20 Hindsight Continuous Monitoring.


 The following table lists the Six Big Losses, and shows how they relate to the OEE Loss categories

Six Big Loss Category

OEE Loss Category

Event Examples

 20/20 CAM Function


Down Time Loss

Tooling Failures

Unplanned Maintenance

General Breakdowns

Equipment Failure

20/20 CAMs definitively identify faults. 

Setup and Adjustments

Down Time Loss


Material Shortages

Operator Shortages

Major Adjustments

Warm-Up Time


20/20 CAMs mitigate loss by adjusting out of tolerance processes and inconsistencies.

Small Stops

Speed Loss

Obstructed Product Flow

Component Jams


Sensor Blocked

Delivery Blocked


20/20 CAMs super slow motion capability enables humans to identify obstructions.

Reduced Speed

Speed Loss

Running lower than rated speed

Untrained operator not able to run at nominal speed

Machine idling


20/20 CAMs allow operators to incrementally increase speed up to the machine limit.  

Startup Rejects

Quality Loss

Product out of specification at start of run

Scrap created before nominal running after changeover

Damaged product after planned maintenance activity


20/20 CAMs minimize scrap and damage by identifying the problems that are causing the waste.

Production Rejects

Quality Loss

Product out of specification

Damaged product



20/20 CAMs minimize scrap and damage by identifying the problems that are causing the waste.