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Customer Testimonials

"Among the several third-party software and hardware we regularly make use of, the Hindsight 2020CAM viewer and the camera itself were of the most intuitive, user-friendly we’ve dealt with to date. We appreciate your excellent product and service."
Robert Bean
Continuous Improvement Engineering Technician
"We've captured some videos and I can say – the Hindsight 2020CAM camera system is perfect – the quality, the speed, the control – all exceed my expectations! Your system opens our eyes on many processes at our plant"
Denis Kozlovsky
Disposables VS Engineer
"After having the Hindsight camera for over a year, I can’t imagine running a packing line (efficiently, anyway) without one".
Gary Groznik
Plant Packaging Engineer
"It is hard to describe how powerful Hindsight was for us, from troubleshooting startup issues to training operations people on how the equipment works".
Chris Froah
Corporate Packaging Engineer
"Our skilled mechanics and electricians use the camera during shift-change meetings to show the next crew what to watch for and how to fix the problems. The ability to save clips even allows training of operators who have been on vacation for a week and may have missed some key learning sessions. I can envision a time when we will be able to e-mail clips to other production sites with similar equipment and further enhance learning opportunities".
Gary Groznik
Plant Packaging Engineer
"I have used hindsight in a previous facility and found that it was a valuable aid in identifying and eliminating the Root Cause to failures on my machines. After researching several types of high speed cameras, I have yet to find a better system. Thanks for all the support and help in driving to 0 loss." 
Brian McFadden 
"It’s a very powerful / useful equipment that helped us during the start-up of the Splenda building, also during shifts our mechanics and technicians use it all the time to assure the lines are running well and how to fix the problems whenever they come up. It is important to highlight that the hindsight camera has also helped us during trainings because it is very easy to understand and operate, specially for our knife machine that runs at 3,400 pieces per minute, we cannot imagine running the lines efficiently without this tool. Finally, the support we have received from Monitoring Technology is excellent and the warranty policy covered every single detail we agreed by the time of the purchase."
Yancuilt Pérez
Project Engineer
"The Hindsight tool has allowed us to provide a more robust, reliable machine for our customers. There is hardly a day the camera is not put to use".
Mike Verdon
Director of Operations
"We use the CAMERA all the time. It has helped us tremendously".
Kelly Masell
"The flexibility, power and ease of use on the 20/20 Hindsight is unmatched".
Jerry Shoemaker
Plant Technical Manager
"This piece of equipment paid for itself with our first use of it on can line C7. You can’t make up lost production and this technology helps us put a halt to lost production".
Don Stevens
Packaging Equipment Specialist
"It is a purchase I would do over 100 times".
Keith Poland
TCO Engineer – Lighting
"Any company that wants to seriously compete needs a device like 20/20 Hindsight. I don’t know how any good company can do without one".
Steve Cornish
Product & Process technology
"First, let me say that you have always done a great job representing your company and their product. Too often I deal with company reps and salespeople that can not answer question and do little more that read the brochure to me. Everyone that I have ever dealt with at MTC, has been an exception to that dismal standard. It is a pleasure to deal with a salesperson that is not only intelligent and personable, but is also knowledgeable about their product. Please pass along my thanks for a useful and informative demonstration. The examples that we recorded, do an excellent job of showing off the GigE’s capabilities. I am sure that after I have shared these clips, there will be a desire to add a GigE to our tool box. We just have to figure out how to pay for it". 
Tim Flowers
Packing Area Line Tech
"We have just installed a new line and I have had a lot of people in here look at your system. I have had to use it over and over many times to problem source a lot of the new equipment. I could not have survived with out it. It has become an item that we will no longer live without. Everyone who sees how we use it, is so impressed."
Kevin Gosling
Plant Productivity Improvement
"20/20 Hindsight is our go-to tool for verifying the results of our continuous improvement initiatives. It gets continual use".
Jeff Jackson
"Overall the best tool I have seen so far for this kind of application, bravo! I have really appreciated the efficiency and professionalism you have shown in answering Blois' request. It was only a week between our first contact and the equipment actually being on site! We have already been able to identify - and verify the fix - of one issue we had on a reject system we have on a packing line".
Mathieu Nerzic
"The ability to 'park and point' a camera system at a packaging operation all day and forget it’s there until you have a problem is invaluable ... the system’s straightforward design makes it very easy to understand and operate".
Gordon Fellows
"The new camera is really a fantasy one, everyone would like to use it, it’s really user friendly, and convenient to install both camera and light. Just in (our first few) days, we have used it to identify several root causes of issues".
Cai Chen
"Using the 20/20 Hindsight system, I can capture and analyze a full pit stop in high-resolution detail, or focus on something as specific as the angle of an air gun removing lugs. With these added capabilities, my teams will reduce errors and continually improve their efficiency…winning the war in the pits week in and week out".
Matt Clark
Director of Human Performance & Leadership Development
"We’ve had the 20/20 Hindsight system for about eight months and use it both at our own plant and at customers’ plants. It holds up to eight hours of data and we can set it to record data even when we’re not there. Then we can go back and look at things that happened when we were recording, whether it was ten minutes or two hours ago. For example, a cartoner may have trouble opening cartons, but we don’t know whether it’s a problem with the machine or with faulty cartons. We can go back and look at the operation on the video and pinpoint the cause of the problem immediately without guessing or assuming".
Bob Trimpe
Application Engineer
"I have utilized 20/20 Hindsight technology for 4-5 years at St. Bernard Soap. It has always been critical in troubleshooting and diagnosing intermittent issues on our high speed Lines, but when we started installing new lines running almost triple our current speeds, I needed something faster. I called my Hindsight rep, and she had a new Hindsight gigE system shipped in right away for me to test drive. Within minutes, I could see what a difference 200fps or 500fps made on our new equipment. With the ability to record uninterrupted for hours, coupled with Hindsight’s unique ScanBack technology, I knew immediately that Hindsight gigE would save us a lot of time and money debugging the new lines and there was no need to look any further. I committed to purchase the system on the spot".
Tom Brown
Combo Packing Process Engineer
"As part of a corporate evaluation, we tested 20/20 Hindsight at our plant in New Jersey. After two weeks, we solved several lingering issues allowing us to increase line output and reduce operating costs. From the start, people at the plant were comfortable using 20/20 Hindsight. We will be highly recommending the system to all of our plants in North America".
Ron Growe
Associate Director Engineering
"Here at Colgate in Mexico, we recently traded-in our original 20-20 Hindsight system for the new high frame rate 20/20 Gigabit Ethernet Camera.  Rusty gave us a nice deal on the trade-in credit for our old system which was at least 4 years old. The original system was excellent, the new one is incredible with a new steel industrial design"!
Javier Fuentes Esquinca
Supply Chain Systems Manager
"P&G brought a 20/20 Hindsight system to an acceptance test at our factory. Using the system, they were able to clearly watch key transfer points in slow motion. What a powerful tool! We purchased a system immediately for our own use. The system monitors the location and we view the footage to see what the problem is so we can then fix the problem and go on to the next area. It's a pretty quick and easy process".
Ted Prescott
Technical Development Engineer/Project Manager
"At SIG Combibloc, we believe that a system solution is far more than just the delivery of a filler and downstream equipment. This is why we keep in touch even after the system has been installed. 20/20 Hindsight provides a powerful tool for our service team. By using the system, we can optimize SIG Combibloc machines and other packaging equipment to help our customers increase production".
Russ Coffman
Project Engineer
"Using 20/20 Hindsight, we were able to significantly increase efficiency from 65% to 85% on our sample line. Given the low price point and ease of use of the product, we are planning to put one on every APDO line and possibly on each major piece of packaging equipment".
Carson Funderbunk
Project Engineer
"We purchased one of the Hindsight units about a year ago. We were using it during a VAT for a case packer. The advantages and significant time savings that Hindsight provided drove our supplier to purchase their own system".
Chris Froah
Packaging Engineer
"With our previous high-speed video camera, we had to take a special class to learn how to use it. It was very cumbersome to set up. With 20/20 Hindsight, anyone in the plant can set it up and view it solve the problems".
Kirk McDaniel
Process Engineer