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Hindsight CLOUDVIEW®   


CLOUDVIEW® is a secure* cloud computing platform and storage medium for sharing 2020CAM high speed video clips

Let's break this down piece by piece:

 *Hosted by Microsoft Azure


CLOUDVIEW® accounts are created by a person physically registering for a 2020CAM Clip Viewer Application account. This is a two part verification process where a person registers their name, company, email, phone and location.

A real person verifies this information and emails a Clip Viewer Application Code that looks like this: f3d4cf73-7974-4d26-898b-f36bfbcbdcc1

A unique CLOUDVIEW® Password is also generated at that time. It looks something like this: f0c8dade

All transactions with the CLOUDVIEW® platform are over a secure encrypted https link.

Security Protocols
  • Industry standard 128-bit SSL encryption of all communication with the CLOUDVIEW® server
  • Secured by Microsoft Global Foundation Services (GFS) which practices key IT security industry standards, such as ISO/IEC 27001:2005
  • Incorporates security practices at the application and platform layers as well as regular penetration testing at the global level to ensure the highest level of security is maintained at all times

Cloud Computer Platform

The 2020CAM Clip Viewer Application establishes connections to CLOUDVIEW® services that reside in global datacenters on the internet backbone. The CLOUDVIEW® platform has unlimited storage and bandwidth capacity*.

*Local computer bandwidth will govern upload, download and video playback speed.

Storage Medium

Registered CLOUDVIEW® account users are able to upload their saved 2020CAM video clips from Local Computer video clip storage into their CLOUDVIEW® storage archive through their 2020CAM Clip Viewer Application.

Each CLOUDVIEW® premium account has sufficient storage to save thousands of 2020CAM videos.

CLOUDVIEW® videos are stored in their native 2020CAM format. This format encodes each video frame as a stand alone photo. With no inter-frame compression, each 2020CAM formatted frame can be single stepped through in the 2020CAM Clip Viewer Application. This is a major difference from MPEG.

Sharing 2020CAM Clips

Registered CLOUDVIEW® account users are able to invite other registered CLOUDVIEW® account users to view their shared video clips in a Shared folder.

Using their 2020CAM Clip Viewer Application, they establish a Shared folder and then invite other users to join.

Users receive an email notification alerting them that they have been invited to join the share with an option to Accept or Decline.

Accepting a Share

Once the Share has been created, invited users can Accept or Decline joining the Share. This extra layer of confirmation helps ensure the sharing process is secure and private. It also helps prevent receiving an unwanted Share.

If the Share is Declined, it is immediately removed from the invited user’s CLOUDVIEW account.

If the Share is Accepted, the shared clips will immediately be available to the user.

Adding Clips to the Share

Once the Share has been Accepted, invited users are able to view clips which are added to the Shared folder by any registered CLOUDVIEW® user that has Accepted the Share.

Everyone in the Shared folder can now share clips whether they created the share or simply were invited to join as a user.