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Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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2020CAM Enterprise Level

An enterprise-level Hindsight system with support for multiple cameras and the longest recording times. The 2020CAM MultiCart features a stainless-steel movable cart which includes lockable internal storage, wireless capability, and support for up to six MultiCam cameras. 

  • Enterprise Level
  • Built for factory environment
  • Monochrome or color
  • High Speeds (500 FPS multi, and up to 1,800 FPS solo)
  • Longest recording time (480GB to 960GB video buffer)
  • Wireless Option

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2020CAM Express Level

A portable solution in a custom-designed case for quick setup, easy storage, and seamless travel. Designed to be airline carry-on size, the 2020CAM EyeCase offers the power of Hindsight in a complete single-box solution.        

  • Single or Dual Camera
  • Monochrome or color
  • High Speeds (500 FPS multi, and up to 1,800 FPS solo)
  • Everything in one box
  • Longer recording times (120GB to 240GB video buffer)
  • Wireless Option

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2020CAM Entry Level

The newest member of the 2020CAM family. The 2020 MicroCAM harnesses the technology of Hindsight into a small but powerful troubleshooting package. 

  • Self-contained video recording camera
  • Entry-level 2020CAM product
  • Single head solution
  • Multiple frame rate and video buffer options
  • Networked (Wired)

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